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Card puncher A3-3A

     Card puncher A3-3A Card Punching Machine is controlled by imported PLC, it adopts LC industry touch screen of WeinView MT6056i from Taiwan. The material feed system adopts the imported servo motor, high-precise ball screw and plane guide imported from Japan in order to ensure smooth moving and accurate moving distance. It uses the high sensitive sensor to read the position marks to ensure accurate and reliable location.

     The hydraulic pump from Taiwan is featuring low noise and large flow. The quality hydraulic valves from Taiwan and the American seals have long service life. The punching mould driven by hydraulic cylinder can work smoothly and reliably with low noise. The punch mould is made with Japanese mould steel. Its software function is strong; different cards can be set into different step distances. Punching precision can be ensured even in the situation of material distortion or mechanical abrasion.



3x7 or 3x8, etc.

Punch Heads

3 heads


up to 10,000~12,000 cards


Automatic feed by light eyes read

Punch Method

Hydraulic cylinder

Air Supply


Air Consumption


Power Supply

AC380V, 50/60Hz



Machine Weight(Packed)

Approximately 1200 KGS

Total Shipping Dimensions

(2 wooden cases) H1840 x W980 x H1910 mm and H1250 x W560 x H1230 mm



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