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Laser Printing PVC sheet

Laser Printing PVC SHEET

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1. Printing method: Laser Printing (Toner printing)

2. Suitable printer: Konica Minolta, MGI/Meteor, Fuji Xerox Igen, etc.
3. Main Characteristics:

Excellent printing result, no ghost shadow

Printed artwork can well stay on the PVC sheet

Printed PVC sheet can be well stick with the coated overlay

No crack will occur during lamination

Good printing stability

Peel strength: 4.5N/cm (240hs aging test under 75, 95%RH)

 4. Specification

A4, A3 or can be made as per clients’ requirement

Thickness: 0.18mm, 0.22mm, 0.3mm, etc.
5. Storage:

Sealed, moisture-proof

In-house temperature under 40

One year

Please keep the sheet horizontally

Please avoid direct sunshine

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