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Automatic Embossing Machine AE1

Automatic Embossing machine



1.   It is high speed intelligent code punching machine incorporating big code embossing, small code embossing, gilding and card collection.
2. Double hydraulic punching heads are adopted as power, with good stability, and running speed and code punching stroke can be adjusted.
3. Just shift on the touch panel to fulfill big code embossing, small code embossing and gilding or independent work of any of them at one time.
4. The big or small codes can be arranged for max 20 digits, which can meet the needs of punching bank cards.
5.   Position of codes can be adjusted freely within the range of 3.0mm from the long side of the card.
6. The error of code position is smaller than ±0.25mm
7.   Numbers that are not needed can be deleted by program setting (such as 4 and 7).
8.    PLC control is adopted for automatic running and the machine will halt and alarm automatically in case of no card or trouble.
9.    Highly clear touch panel human-machine interface is adopted and operation is simple and convenient.
10.  Stepping distance for gilding belt can be adjusted, which improves utilization rate of iron printing material.
11.  Unique double-card box is adopted for cycling card collection, which reduces disorder.
12.  The fonts are elegant and plump and gilding effect is good, rivaling fonts by advanced air jet code punching machine imported from the United States.

Technical parameters:



Power source

AC380V/50-60Hz 5KW

Air source

6kg/cm² (no water)



Overall dimension


Net weight

Approximately 800kg


1 person

Control method

Stepping system + PLC + human-machine interface

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