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Scratch-off card machine TP2


(For Phone Card, Pre-paid Card, Scratch-off Card, etc.)


TP2 scratch-off card personalization system is integrated with some necessary functions of scratch-off card personalization system like pin number printing, labeling, detecting and rejection, etc.  Compared with modular type system, it takes smaller investment and working space.  It is a very cost-effective and practical machine which is more suitable for those card manufacturers who is newly to make the scratch-off card or working as an assisting machine for those who has already had a modular system.  This machine can be widely used for all kinds of PVC and paper scratch-off cards (All types of prepaid phone card, internet card, ADSL card, prepaid card, lottery card, discharge card, etc.).

 Working process:

 1. Card feeding

 2.  Overlapped card detecting

 3.  Pin number/code printing

 4.  Number printing detecting and disqualified card rejecting

 5.  Labeling

 6.  Labeling checking and rejecting

 7.  Card collecting



1. Integrated number printing, labeling, detecting and rejection.

2. Automatically detecting, save the time and labor cost.

3. US made machine vision, DVT from Cognex ensures high data accuracy.

4. Able to work with different brands of inkjet printers like Imaje, Videojet, Domino, Linx, etc. for maximum printing flexibility

5. Flexible choices according to different requirements from basic configuration to printing checking/rejection, labeling checking/rejection and overlapped cards detecting, etc.  You may choose a most suitable configuration according to your own requirement.


Main specification:

Card Size: 50-120mm(L) x 50-90mm(W) x 0.2-2mm(T)

Card material: PVC, Paper etc.

Productivity: 15000-18000 pieces/hour (0.76mm thickness)

Labeling precision: ±0.8mm (along movement direction); ±0.4mm (across movement direction)

Power Supply: 220VAC, 50Hz, 0.5KW

Environment requirements: Ambient temperature 0-50°C, Relative humidity 15-90%

Air: 0.6 Mpa

Dimension: 2800mm(L) X 600mm(W) X 1350mm(H)

Weight: Approx. 250Kg


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