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Wrapping Machine WP3


Card Wrapping Machine WP3

This machine is automatically controlled by PLC and operated on touch panel human-machine friendly interface. The continuous ultrasonic welding technology, continuous card feed and film sending are adopted, featuring fast speed, low noise, clear welded pattern and little air consumption.

Feature: scratch off card hot stamping machine. doc

1.       Incorporating film sending, card sending, packing, material separating and material collection.

2.       Packing film is conveyed by tension with specially made rubber wheel, which is stable and flat.

3.       Automatic testing for repeated cards, no cards or no film and the machine will halt in case of errors.

4.       Applicable for packing standard cards of over 0.25mm

5.       Applicable for various packing film with thickness over 0.025mm.

6.       The second feeder can be installed to pack double cards or insert user’s manual in one bag.

7.       Welding by ultrasonic technology and patterns are clear and elegant;

8.       Single-card packing or multiple-card packing available and number of cards to be collected can be set.


Edge of packing bag is of personalized design and patterns can be designed by customers. Patterns of cards required by China Telecom, China Mobile, Unicom and Netcom can be packed.

Technical parameter:



Overall dimension


Net weight

Approximately: 1300kg

Power source

AC380V/50-60Hz 3.5KW



Air source

6kg/cm² (no water)

Control method

Servo system + PLC program + touch panel control

Packing film

Various BOPP packing film with inner diameter: 3 inches, outer diameter< 450mm, width after folding: 120mm, width before folding: 240mm, thickness: >0.025mm


1-2 persons

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