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Magnetic Stripe Applying Machi



Range of application:

  1.Equipped with boiling hot ethnics, coiled magnetic strip was mounted on the PET or PVC film or card material stable, which is under the effect of heating up and pressurization. After finish mounting, it will be cutter automatically which the length have to be set up beforehand, the action of mounting and cutting was finished automatically automatically, at the same time, the recycling system will recycle the magnetic strip foil. This machine equipped with the advantage of high precision and work stable, and so on.

  2.Scope of applicable material: coiled film

 Technical feature:

  1. scope of thickness: 0.04-0.2mm.Sheet film scope of thickness: 0.25-0.8mm

System was controlled by PLC program automatically , touch panel human-machine interface show

  2. Fed by servo motor drive, control move speed and length of sending film can be adjustable.

  3. Temperature and pressure can be controlled separately and adjustable.

  4. Many units of trolley impact installation , the pressure of cylinder can be adjustable, which to ensure the parallel and orderliness when the magnetic was covered in the card.

  5. Punching film motility was driven by cylinder, which is have the simple structure and work stable.

  6. Recycling system will recycle the magnetic strip foil automatically.

Technical Specification:

Coil stock film

0.04-0.2mm inner diameter:3inches,outer diameter< 20inches (500mm). Maximum width:580mm

Board material

0.25-0.8mm, Maximum width:580mm

Magnetic strip width

1/2 inches (12.7mm) 1/4 inches (6.4mm)

Maximum quantity of magnetic strip


Moving speed


Positional Accuracy


servo motor


Common motor

0.4KW 0.06KW*2pcs

Heating Power








Through hoting spot make the card magnetic strip mounted on the film of PVC or card material of PVC, which
to ensure the position of magnetic stripe on the film or PVC card material.

 Operating Feature:
  Printed card material or PVC film put on the front table for orientation, then pull out the magnetic tape. There
is a magnetic tape orientation structure in the middle of the table and moving position.

The pull out magnetic stripe will be oriented and compacted in orientation structure. Then welding head will move down

 to jointing and cut off the magnetic tape, After finish the jointing , the welding head will move up.  Insert the next sheet into

 the printed card or PVC film, then pull out the sheet that soldering well to moving position. The magnetic tape also will

 be pulled out orientation automatically.  The next sheet can be soldered.  Operating such as this again and again.

 Equipment Feature:

1.       Fixed position of the reamer mouldwelding head part and welding head. Wide 58MMLong 88MM together 25 piece(5X5) space of a whole page.

2.       The move up and down of reamer and jointing part was controlled by cylinder, when the jointing part move up, it will locked automatic to ensure saft if it was power off.

3.       Equipment control box: spot welding temperature and time was controlled automatically.

4.       Magnetic stripe orientation was compacted by cylinder.

 Technical parameters:



Heating power


Moving Speed


Compressing Air


Magnetic stripe orientation accuracy








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