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Position-registration Welding



This is multilayer material positioning spot welding machine, which adopts relay controltemperature controller control temperature and time relay control welding time. It is suitable for contraposition spot welding process of various multilayer card making sheet.


1.       Air cylinder was act as motivity, and welding spot pressure was adjustable.

2.       Three welding spot configuration and the position of welding spot is adjustable, which ensure the material will not avertence after welding.

3.       Transparent glass was adopted as working table, and inner the machine, there is an head lamp, in the course of material contraposition, it not only can positioning keep to the side, but also can use printing line to positioning, which make positioning is more accurate.

4.       Control method of heating temperature: it use heating tube to heat up, import

5.       Spot welding time was controled by time relay, which is easy and convenient to set.


 Technical parameter:



Power supply

AC 380V/50 HZ

Power source

6 kg/c(without water)

Total power


Range of temperature control

0-400(can be settled)

Temperature control precision


Quantity of welding spot

3 pcs (Position can be movable)


Approx. 80Kg


Approx. 200~400 sheet/hour


1 Person

Overall dimension



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