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Stick Card

White  Golden  Silver

 Stick Card:
  Printing method: Inkjet printer (Epson R210 or R230 is recommended)
  Laminating type: pouch laminating
  Color: White, Golden or Silver
  Thickness: Printable PVC sheet 0.15mm with a strong stick sheet
  Size: 200x300mm or as per your requirement, or in roll type

1.Process explanation:

1. Design in computer, you may use Coreldraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, etc. software to make

  design in your computer
  2. Put the blank printable film into the printer (Epson R210 or C1100 is recommended), reverse-print

  (Note: when you put the printable film into the inkjet printer, please put right side for print, DON’T PUT

  WRONG SIDE!) You may print both front and backside at one printable film.
  3. After printing, let the printed film dry around 5-10 minutes, then, remove the protection film from the

  front side of the adhesive sheet, put the printed film onto the adhesive sheet (with printed side facing the

  adhesive sheet, put them together into the pouch laminator for lamination. You may set the temperature

  at 130-140C for inkjet-print or 160C for laser-print, to get a better laminating result, you may laminate

  4. After laminating, use a cutter to cut the laminated sheet into two half sheets (two pieces of sheet with

  size of 100x300mm)
  5. Put the sheet into manual puncher for punching to cut into standard card shape, remove the protection

  paper from backside, then, stick it onto a blank card
  6. After sticking, you will get a final cards.

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