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Laser PVC sheet

     White                                   Golden                              Silver

Laser PVC sheet (Konica, MGI/Meteor, Xerox Igen)

1.      Printing method: Laser Printing

2.      Suitable printer: Konica, MGI/Meteor, Xerox Igen, etc.

3.      Main Characteristics:

l   Excellent printing result

l   Printed artwork can well stay on the PVC sheet

l   Printed PVC sheet can be well stick with the overlay

l   No crack will occur during lamination

l   Good printing stability

l   Peel strength: 4.5N/cm (240h’s aging test unders 75, 95%RH)

4.      Specification

Size can be made as per clients’ requirement

Thickness: 0.2-0.3mm

5.      Storage:

Sealed, moisture-proof

In-house temperature under 40

One year

Please keep the sheet horizontally

Please avoid direct sunshine

Please seal the package after each opening and please try to finish each box as soon as possible after opening it.

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